Upcoming IPOs in September 2019


RBI has already slashed the rates by 0.75% and many experts are hoping that it may further slash the rates by more than 1% in upcoming months. This move could be instrumental in improving the sentiments of the Indian stock markets as in future this could improve the economic activities of the country. So one can expect positive response from investors for upcoming IPOs in September 2019. Although as of now there is no big IPO names which may hit the primary markets but one can expect

  • Dodla Dairy Limited
  • Zircon Technologies India Ltd
  • Studds Accessories Limited
  • Chartered Speed Ltd

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Company names with business details

Dodla Dairy Ltd

Dodla Dairy Limited is Hyderabad based dairy company. Dodla serves 9 states of India through its distribution channel. Company offers its products in the form of milk, curd, butter, paneer, ghee and other dairy products through 3329 distribution agents, 379 distributors & 466 milk products distributors 

Zircon Technologies India Ltd

Zircon Technologies Ltd is a packing solution provider to companies. This noida based tech company mainly focuses on  industrial labels, printed labels, bar-code label printers. Not only company manufactures the highlighted products but also it exports it to other countries.

Studds Accessories Limited

Studds Accessories Limited is the world’s largest helmet manufacturer. The company has a presence across the globe with presence in major countries. The company sells its products in more than 21 countries. The company brands its products under the brand name of Studds and SMK helmets

Chartered Speed Ltd

Chartered Speed Ltd​ was founded in 2012 with an objective of providing intercity bus transport in central and western India. Company has a revenue close to 35 million USD

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