Upcoming IPOs in October 2019


Indian government has reduced the corporate tax which is effectively 22% on the profit. This move has made the Indian stock markets to rally close to 8%-12%. Such rallies present ideal conditions for IPOs to dominate investors’ mind so Investors may expect following Upcoming IPOs in October 2019. 

  • IRCTC Limited IPO

  • Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd IPO

  • Tutorials Point Ltd IPO

  • Gensol Engineering Limited IPO

  • Sona Hi Sona Jewellers Ltd IPO

  • Goblin India Limited IPO


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Company names with business details

IRCTC Limited

IRCTC is a ticketing, touring and catering entity controlled by Indian Railways. Company sees close to 600,000 bookings every day. 

Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd

Vishwaraj sugar industries limited is a sugar industry based company incorporated in 1995.  

Tutorials Point Ltd

Tutorial point is an online content generation company which was formed in 2006 with a purpose helping online readers who consume content as per their speed 

Gensol Engineering Limited

Gensol Engineering is a company that handles solar power project. Gensol is a one stop solution provider  

Sona Hi Sona Jewellers Ltd

Sona hi Sona Jewellers ltd is a gujarat based company engaged in trading of jewellery and ornaments.  

Goblin India Limited

Goblin India is a luggage industry based which was established in 2001. Company has 525 dealers in India and 300+ dealers in France 

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