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Indian Penny Stocks with Strong Fundamentals 2020 [Updated Today]

The Indian government has announced the budget for 2020 but stock markets has negatively reacted to the incentives given by the government. Therefore in in the short term there is no incentive for the market to move up therefore if the market comes down then you may consider buying following penny stocks as some of it may become multibagger penny stocks in the coming 5 to 10 years

The list contains 12 stocks as of now, it may change when there is any new addition or deletion of stocks. The list of Indian penny stocks with strong fundamentals is prepared after applying the following conditions on all stocks.

  • Market Capitalization is less than Rs 1000 crores but it is greater than Rs 10 crores
  • Debt to equity is less than 1
  • Sales growth for the past 5 years is greater than 15%
  • Profit growth for the past 5 years is greater than 15%
  • Sales growth for the last year is greater than 20%
  • Profit growth for the last year is greater than 20%
  • Current price is less than Rs 50
  • Promoter holding is more than 49%
  • Current EPS is greater than EPS of the last year.
Name of the company
Last traded price
P/E ratio
Mar Cap (in Cr)
Dividend yield (in%)
Net Profit (Qtr in Rs.Cr)
Qtr Profit Var %
Sales Qtr (in Cr)
Qtr Sales Var %
ROCE(in %)
Debt / Equity Ratio
Sales Var (5 Yrs in %)
Mold-Tek Technol45.659.8127.613.063.351.2126.0315.5335.740.1317.3
Zee Learn17.856.44582.080.5614.7917.19117.844.5522.010.5933.65
Panache Digilife49.7512.0459.70.50.78148.7213.23-18.0318.140.9130.6
XT Global13.05130.43123.9100.4619001.462333.3312.990.7460.04
Narbada Gems19.49.7923.3900.26-23.5313.2836.9112.720.5820.21
Times Guaranty29.356.1426.3900.42-39.130.67-17.2812.13020.43
Scandent Imaging11.8828.6738.1300.032003.52-3.310.650.12326.97
Real Touch Fin21.517.2727.2900.4195.240.5875.764.8058.84

All readers are informed that stocks highlighted may not be a good investment option as in due course of time fundamentals of some stocks might have changed, therefore they are recommended to conduct a proper research before investing in stocks
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