Bluechip Stocks

List of Blue Chip Companies in India 2020 [Updated Today]

If you’re a beginner in stock markets, then you should always begin your journey with blue chip stocks investments. Unlike other stocks, blue chip companies offer a safety cushion to new market entrants as blue chip companies possess less market risks. 

We’ve created the list of blue chip companies in India for 2020 which pays high dividend to holders. The list prepared after applying following conditions.

  • Market Capitalization of each stock is greater than Rs 3000 crores
  • Average return on equity for 5 years is greater than 20%
  • Debt to equity is less than 1.5
  • Interest Coverage Ratio is greater than 2
  • PEG Ratio is less than 1
  • Profit growth for 5 years is greater than 20%
  • Current dividend yield is greater than 3%
  • Average 5 years dividend is greater than 1%
  • Average dividend payout for the past 3 years is greater than 2% 

Name of Stock
Current Market Price (in Rs)
P/E Ratio
Market Capitalization(in crores)
Dividend yield(%)
ROE 5 yr(%)
Graphite India267.557.815227.9320.56118.5639.970.08
Sonata Software339.4512.763571.013.7146.531.850.01
Sterlite Tech.113.38.264576.413.0831.2522.040.89
Petronet LNG267.514.15401253.7430.3420.260.01
H P C L222.45.6433889.827.1520.3828.530.94

(Note: The above list is for information purpose only. Therefore, you’re advised to conduct proper due diligence before investing in equities).